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History of Château de la Pascalette

Château de la Pascalette is one of the most remarkable buildings of La Londe Les Maures. Historically it belonged to the family of Victor Roux – the man, who changed the destiny of this small provincial town. Victor Roux was born in Naples in the beginning of XIX century. Quite young he left his homeland to try his luck in France. With only 100 francs in his pocket, no connections and a lot of ambition he managed to make a fortune and to become one of the richest people of Marseille. At the age of 60 he retired, bought an extravagant château des Bormettes in La Londe Les Maures (this architectural masterpiece was built for the famous French painter Horace Vernet) and… discovered the mines of metals in the area – the discovery that multiplied his fortune. In the meanwhile Château des Bormettes became too small for the ever-growing family of Roux (he had six children) and thus a new home – Château de la Pascalette was built in 1889.

In the beginning of XX century the château was surrounded by orange groves and endless vineyards, its cellars were equipped by wine-tanks and oak barrels, preserved until our times. Abandoned after the World War II, the château stayed lifeless for about 50 years, until its acquisition in 2001. Re-plantation of the vineyard and the park, construction of the holiday apartments are all part of a plan of the restoration of château and its traditions. Domain de la Pascalette welcomes its guests all year long in five upscale holiday apartments and proposes AOC vines and olive oil of an exceptional quality.

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